Latest Mortgage Rates

Latest Mortgage Rates


The real estate broker must accept and recognize that the world is changing and that preparation is key to develop better in the profession. You should know that today the consumer is the one who sends and will hire only the person who meets all their needs.

Hence the importance of the real estate professional making a thorough analysis on the renewal and updating of their capabilities. Therefore, before starting any type of negotiation, it is necessary to talk with the owner of the property and take into account the following:

1.- Analyze the market: before buying, selling or investing in real estate you must know the potential of the property, compare prices with other houses near the area and with the same characteristics, analyze the area and discover the potential offered by the property .

2.- Search and diversify: do not buy properties in a single area, you can look for alternatives in the north, center and south of your city. The more variety your chances of closing a business have, the stronger they will be.

3.- Make an ABC of your property: take care of analyzing the state of the property through the advice of an expert. You can have allied contacts as an interior decorator, a civil engineer and an architect to advise you on changes or better you may need the property.

4.- Make sure the papers are in order: make sure there are debts of any kind, demand all the papers, deeds and other documents that are necessary. Try to have a lawyer or notary to make the transaction.

  • Always have property titles

  • In case the property is for rent, make sure there are guarantees

  • If you are looking to rent the advisable is to have references about your tenant

  • Get plans of the property and check that all data is specified

  • If you invest in buildings that are under construction, look for references on the construction company.

5.- Develop a contact base: being a successful real estate agent is directly related to the amount of effort you put into it. Ask for referrals to your clients and find out how to create new contacts.

6.- Your attitude will make a difference: Ensures always friendly attention, interacts with people in the community to generate new connections, listens to customers and meets their needs.

7.- Promote yourself: As a real estate expert, selling yourself is as important as selling any property. Seek to be constantly updated and strive to create connections with people in your community.

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