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Latest Mortgage Rates


1. Discover what you’re passionate about

Your business idea may be profitable and look promising, but from the saying to the fact there is a big difference.

Having no money to start your own business can make everything more complicated. And if you do not like what you do, even more so.

If you do something that you are passionate about , even if things get difficult, you will always look for ways to get ahead.

On the contrary, if you are only doing it to earn money , you will abandon the ship sooner or later.

If you do not know what you are good at or what is really what you are passionate about, I recommend that on a piece of paper you write a column with what you like and in another what you know how to do.

Then, try to relate them.

For example: if you like to take pictures and you know how to edit them, you could dedicate yourself to be an event photographer or to make photo shoots.

If on the contrary, you have good imagination   and you know how to make any kind of designs, a business idea for you could be the design of logos or brochures for a company.

If you want your business to keep up with the years , you should invest a large part of your time in it .

And the only way to achieve this is to stay motivated doing what you’re passionate about.


2. Evaluate everything related to your idea

Before spending energy developing your own business. Evaluate it from the head to the feet.

You will have to know if you will need a work team to help you, if it is really going to give you enough money to live, if the public will want to buy it, etc.

It also evaluates your potential clients and their needs.

Evaluate everything you can think of, however insignificant it may seem … You never know when you may need that information.

Remember that if you do not have any money to start, you must do everything yourself . What a great effort.

Do not rush into putting an excessively large business, you’d be surprised to know that small businesses often have better reach.


3. Develop a business plan

Yes, the business plan is necessary in any type of venture.

If you have money or not, if it is physical or online … You should always have this guide that will help you solve any situation.

When you do not know what to do or what is the next step, just taking a look at it will be enough.

Every good business plan must have : what will cost you and what you will receive after the investment, a study of your potential customers and potential suppliers.

As well as the marketing strategies that you will use to attract customers and how you will manage to face your competition.

All the results of the evaluation of the previous step, write them in your business plan.

The more aspects you cover in it, the better. So you can see what you did wrong and where you failed to remedy it.

At this point I have explained it in a basic way, in the section ” What you need to have your own business“, there you can read the full explanation.


4.  Decide where you are going to start it

If you were planning to start a physical business, you have to be realistic with yourself and accept reality. You can not.

If you plan to offer a product or several, you should think of other alternatives that do not require a large investment.

For example: you could adapt a room in your house or garage to start making your first sales. However, I think the best option is to use the Internet.

Creating your own blog or website can be the best solution to start a business when you do not have any money.

While it is true, in some pages you will have to pay for hosting and domain , but they are not expensive. You can also advertise through them.

Then, install a platform like WordPress and add to your page everything about you and a section where you can find everything you sell.

Creating a web page is one of the best advice to undertake that I can give you.

It is not a bad idea if you also add one where you can read the comments of your clients.

Do not worry if at first it is not what you want. If you work with the resources you have, sooner rather than later you can expand .


5. Choose the payment method you are going to accept

Depending on where you decide to start your business, you must choose how   your customers will pay .

If you decide to start with a room in your own home or using your garage, I recommend that you accept cash.

If on the contrary you decide to start on the web, Paypal is one of the best options to accept payments.

The most advisable thing is that you accept two different payment methods You do not want to lose a client just because you do not have several options.

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