Latest Mortgage Rates

Latest Mortgage Rates


1. Create your own web page

Obviously, the first thing you should do (and have) is your own web page.

But I’ll explain that in the next section with all the details you need to know.

Before opening your page you should know what products you are going to sell in it and design it based on that. Remember that they can be all the products you want.

And the best part is that you will not need to pay anything and they will not charge you commissions either.

If you do not want to follow this step, you could use platforms such as Mercado Libre or Etsy . The difference is that they will charge you a commission for each sale.


2.  Open accounts on social networks to promote yourself

Since your business is online, social networks must become your best allies .

Why? First, they are free. Second, they will make you get more customers and more money.

At the beginning it is recommended that you use only one social network, the one that best suits your client, that is, the one that you use the most.

Usually they are Facebook and Instagram.

There you will have to upload quality images and make a description that hooks the reader.

Also invite your friends and family to like and share . The more followers, the more opportunities to sell you will have.

Do not forget to place the link that will guide you to buy your product.

Another way is to get your product to bloggers or youtubers.

All you have to do is find those who identify more with what you offer, evaluate their popularity and number of followers and then get in touch.

Send them a free product or a sample so that they can talk about it in their next post or video.

If the results were not good, you could try another blogger or youtuber . Today there are many who could be of great help.


3. Choose a shipping method

Once your customers want to buy, you must send them the product.

Although, there are private courier companies such as DHL or UPS that can make your work easier, you will have to spend more.

On the other hand, if you use the postal service in your country, you can save a little more.

For these cases, make sure that your product is protected and insured . You do not want your customer to receive something in poor condition.

As a last option, you could be in charge of making the delivery. But it could be a bit tedious.

In the event that your product is digital (and not physical), such as: an electronic book or software. You will have to configure your page.

And with configure I mean they can download it just after making the payment.


4. Build your work team

Maybe at the beginning, when you’re just beginning, you can take care of everything.

Then, when you begin to let yourself be known and your client portfolio grow, you will need an efficient work team.

This does not apply to everyone, it’s true. But it is better to prevent , than to regret.

So if you see that you are receiving many questions, comments and suggestions, do not hesitate to hire someone who can help you.

In addition you will have to answer emails and prepare your packages.

Do not wait for everything to get out of control. You could lose a number of important clients.

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